The Resident UBC Brewing Club T-Rex

Founded in 2010 by students of the University of British Columbia (UBC)  as an organization for students who are lovers of beer, we wish to spread the magic of beer brewing. Located at the beautiful UBC Vancouver campus, we are not only scholars and gentlepeople, but great admirers of the great craft of brewing and we wish to deepen our knowledge of the great power of brewing! Our membership is growing, and a large number of students are interested in our club.

Please feel free to join one of our weekly beer brewing demonstrations to become a member. All you have to do is show up! Membership is $10.

Members have access to all of our expert(ish) knowledge and equipment. We access to over 20 carboys, 15 primary fermenters, kegging equipment and all the necessary widgets and gizmos! Save yourself blood, sweat, tears and your hard earned cash and learn how to brew the cheap, safe and delicious way!

Join us on facebook to receive start getting involved in the conversation https://www.facebook.com/UBCBrewing

and twitter for on the go updates http://twitter.com/ubcbrewing

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